M&A platform (‘name: GMAP’) service

1. The background of GMAP development

M&A is a financial means of integrating companies through various transactions such as tender offers, asset purchases, and acquisitions of management rights as a means for sustainable growth of core technologies and materials of a company and it was mainly carried out by special types of financial institutions or professional investors. By implementing this traditional M&A process based on blockchain, and by giving ordinary individual investors an opportunity to participate, it separates ownership and management and creates a company capable of sustainable growth and producing leading companies that can boast a history of more than 100 years in Korea and we want to serve as a foundation for attracting foreign investment funds. After the M&A transaction is concluded, the acquiring company safely stores its stocks in the Korea Securities Depository so that management rights do not change, and investors can decide whether to participate or exit by their own calculations. 

2. The overview of GMAP  

GBC is a platform company operating the Global M&A Platform (“GMAP”). SPC can M&A the acquiring company by receiving an investment in digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and UCX from participants around the world through “GMAP”. GBC will start providing services for the acquisition of listed companies in Korea, and ultimately plan to expand overseas startups and promising unlisted companies through M&A. (GBC did not go through ICO to carry out the business, developed the platform with its own funds, and completed 3 patent registrations.) 

3. The definition of GMAP service 

A new concept platform where anyone in the world can participate in M&A   transactions easily and conveniently.

4. The Key of GMAP service 

  • By complementing the shortcomings (complexity, expertise, and closure) of the existing M&A market, while facilitating through the platform in the app, by providing services with integrity security using blockchain technology, we pursue cost reduction by providing convenience, safety, fairness, scalability and reduction of brokerage.
  • Resolve wealth inequality by involving general participants in the M&A market, and separating ownership and management in the exclusive area of institutional investors
  • Prevent the leakage of national wealth or become a Shell Company through GMAP, and contribute to national wealth promotion through participation of overseas participants. 

5. The business process of GMAP  

SPC is preparing for an M&A project (a domestic listed company) and after the “GMAP” review, the project is registered on the GMAP platform.

After reviewing the projects registered on the platform, general participants participate in the desired project as the first digital asset (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) (participate in mobile or PC)

The participation period is about 45 to 60 days (after sending the invitation to the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders and the regular general meeting of shareholders), and participants cannot withdraw from membership after the participation period is over. Exit is possible after the end of the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders or the regular general meeting of shareholders in accordance with related laws and regulations.

If there is an insufficient amount compared to the target amount after the participation period is over, the institution will participate

SPC takes over the project (acquisition of management rights (including the majority shareholder’s share))

SPC deposits the stocks of the acquired company in the Korea Securities Depository (there is no change in management rights)

When the acquisition is completed, SPC issues a second digital asset linked only to the closing price of the company’s stock and delivers it to the project participants.

Reason for the need for a second digital asset: The acquisition of a company is not limited to one, and the stock prices of the companies to be acquired are all different.

SPC offers participants a price-to-price exchange between the first digital asset and the second digital asset within the platform (there is no movement or change of stocks)

After the participation period (45-60 days), when the acquisition of the company is completed, the participant can freely exit (coin exchange)

When a participant wishes to exit, the ‘second digital asset’ is exchanged for the ‘first digital asset’ (price versus price)

The second digital asset is matched only to the stock price of the acquiring company, exists only on the platform, and can only be exchanged for the first digital asset

Participants can decide whether to participate in the project or not, and AI service is possible.

Considering the value of a company as the numerator and the issuance of digital assets as the denominator, the issuance of digital assets is limited and since the company’s net asset value continues to increase, it will result in participants participating in value investing and it is predicted that the increase of wealth through M&A issues and the influx of overseas participants will bring about an effect of increasing national wealth.


Figure 1. The schematic representation of the GMAP business process


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