Analysis System Based on AI

  • Portfolio Composition

    - Liquidity and market-position considered investment target selection
    - Validity verification through fundamental and technical analysis

  • Scoring and Target Selection

    - Scoring based on fundamentals, price, supply and demand, net profit, net asset, etc.
    - Application of system considering current year performance estimation based on quarterly or semi-annual performance report and seasonal fluctuation variables

  • Analysis Tools

    -Track consensus among all financial institutions and set signals to detect targets that achieved over 30% YoY revenue growth
    - Analyze price differential compared to reasonable price
    - Analyze premium-applied share price and price differential
    - Market style (value/growth) analysis

  • Market style (value/growth) analysis

    - Database development based on in-house analysis
    - Integration of quantitative and qualitative analysis
    - Maintain balanced long-short portfolio and sector equilibrium

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