operation PROCESS


Develop reasonable decision-making and deal discovery process by allowing seasoned experts with numerous experiences to concentrate their efforts

Consider all global assets including stocks, fixed income, derivatives, mezzanine instruments, commodities, M&A etc. as potential investment targets

Focus on developing comprehensive portfolio using diversified discovery channels so as to avoid being skewed on particular sector

Discover targets through preemptive research on the industry to which the target company belongs

Investment Review

Conduct investment review only for the target companies for which industry attractiveness and exit strategy have been adequately confirmed

Develop portfolios that fit internal guidelines and strategies for investment-target company selection

Investment Operation

Minimize operational variation by focusing on initial operation method/strategy and secure stability and credibility of operation through discovery of targets with predictable performance

Create portfolios that can ensure stable investment performance and sound asset allocation based on operation history and flexible reaction to market environment

Stably react to market volatility by preemptively responding to market flow and avoiding sector-skewed operation

Post-facto Management

Actively engage (i.e board meeting participation) in business strategy development of the invested companies and proactively provide support to add value by helping with ensuing funding plan development and strategies

Concurrently pursue transparent management and investment profit maximization

Maintain relationships with multitude of VCs, IPO/ECM departments of securities companies to add value for the invested company and acquire information regarding IPO or ways to use the network


Appropriately use proactive long/short or market-neutral strategies depending on market conditions

Utilize a variety of exit methods including merger/fixed income arbitrage investment strategies

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