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UCX Dashboard subscription Guide Page.

UCX Dashboard subscription Guide

  1. Access the UCX site. Please run your Chrome browser.

    If you want to use mobile app, please install the “My UCX” app at the link below.

    If you want to use mobile app, please install the “My UCX” app at the link below.

    To download UCX onto your mobile app, please search “my ucx” on Google Play Store or App Store.



  2. Click the “Create an account” link on the login screen, and then proceed the registration process.
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  4. Among input values into member subscription page, “User Name” means your personal ID and “Password,” it must contain 8 characters with case letters, lower case letters, numbers and special characters. Please read and if you agree with the terms and conditions of service then please check on “I read and accept” box.
  5. When you click the “Create an account” button to complete the membership subscription, “UCX: Email Activation” an email will be sent to your email account which you registered during membership subscription, and click “Verify Account” button to complete the e-mail authentication.
  6. Please confirm the information e-mail, “UCX: Process for Uploading KYC (Know Your Customer)”, to prevent any financial malpractice, please confirm from the e-mail address that was used during your initial registration process..
  7. Please access to “Your KYC’s” on the left menu in the UCX site, and select and download either a passport, driver’s license or any government issued ID’s for KYC (Know Your Customer) / AML (Anti-Money Laundering) , then upload the front and back copies of above mentioned identifications to register for KYC.
  8. Please access the “Wallet” on the left menu on the UCX site, and register the ERC-20 based wallet address that the UCX Token is to be transferred to. Which you should have created on either MetaMask or MyEtherWallet or any other ERC-20 based wallet. If you do not have an Individual Ethereum(ETH) wallet, please create an Ethereum(ETH) wallet through the methods as follows
    the method to create an individual wallet in MyEtherWallet

    * You should not send it directly from the exchange. You would not be able to receive purchased Token, when you transfer it from the exchange.

    * Please double check and enter the exact wallet address. Once the Tokens are sent they cannot be reversed.

    * Please enter your wallet address which Ethereum(ETH) was sent from, in that wallet you should have a “receive” address for receiving our UCX Tokens.


  9. Hyperswap’s Ethereum(ETH) which is posted on the goods utilizing an ERC-20 based wallet program (MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, etc.): Sending Ethereum(ETH) corresponding to UCX Token to be purchased to
    wallet address of 0x648680C113CE5B5932B9BF617040240637222eaC
    the method to send an Ethereum(ETH) from MyEtherWallet
  10. If all information’s for KYC (Know Your Customer) were inputted correctly, the process may take up to 3 working days and to confirmed deposit (transfer) to the Hyperswap wallet address. During that time, you should receive an e-mail with the contents of purchased UCX Token. And for any reasons, if your KYC (Know Your Customer) requires further information, an e-mail should be sent to you requesting additional information to complete the process.
  11. Please access “Dashboard” on the left menu in the UCX site to confirm the sent UCX Token.

    * My Token Balance” means the UCX Token possessed by the registered wallet, and “My Token Balance in Frozen Account” means the locked UCX Token, which means own UCX Token that cannot be used for a certain period of time, and the timing and number of Token to be sent is available to be checked through the date column & No., of Tokens in “My Frozen Account Tokens Schedule”.


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