[Daily Economy] Using a block chain…The general public can easily invest in M&A

It is predicted that individual investors will be able to easily invest into M&A through cryptocurrency. GBC KOREA recently finished developing M&A platform that utilizes blockchain technology and is speeding up its commercialization.

“This is a platform that allows general investors to participate in M&A deals and gain opportunities to make profits,” said Terrance Pak, the CEO of GBC KOREA, was from Morgan Stanley and Merril Lynch. The existing M&A market was virtually impossible to access.

Institutions also had to pay fees to brokerage agencies such as securities companies and law firms in the process of trading. Its goal is to supplement these weaknesses and provide services so that anyone can easily invest in M&A deals. The GBC platform (tentative name) is based on a new cryptocurrency named UCX.

 Investors who invested in UCX can freely view information about M&A companies that are owned by platforms and decide which companies to invest in. Status of progress of M&A can be checked real-time from platform. Investors can earn profits from selling back the acquired company at a higher price, and they can also make a profit from the rise in UCX prices as UCX transactions become active. GBC KOREA has applied for a patent on a new concept of M&A platform technology and plans to start the first M&A deal with the goal of February next year.

Jung seok hwan reporter [Maeil Business News Korea & mk.co.kr, All rights reserved and redistribution prohibited]


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