[THE BCHAIN] GBC KOREA ‘M&A Platform’ domestic and foreign patent application

GBC KOREA made an announcement on the 27th that it applied for patents regarding M&A platform that uses blockchain technology in South Korea.

The official name of the patent is ‘System for the provision of blockchain-based M&A service and its operation method’. It is the world’s first M&A platform based on blockchain and applied for patent through the Pacific appraisal.

GBC KOREA has secured a new source technology for platform that can implement traditional M&A processes based on blockchain and has started to establish a system that includes user terminals along with Techcoins in Silicon Valley(USA).

By introducing blockchain to M&A, which was difficult for individual investors to access, It focused on making M&A transactions transparent and secure at low cost. This system is thanks to digital assets of global M&A companies and the ability to make transactions within platforms through smart contracts. 

Terrance Pak, Global C.E.O of GBC KOREA explains, “Global M&A is a highly profitable transaction, but it is difficult for the general public to access to M&A and is excluded from priorities such as expertise and size of investments.”, “We have created a platform so that anyone in the world can participate in M&A transactions and make profits based on transparent information.”

Han Min Ok Reporter / mohan@thebchain.co.kr


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