Quantum Mechanics great scholar Menas C. Kafatos joins GBC KOREA as an advisor.

GBC KOREA, announced many scientists will be selecting Dr. Minas C. Kafatos, a world-renowned scholar in quantum mechanics and astrophysics, as their advisor. Dr. Minas C. Kafatos is currently a professor at the University of Chapman in the United States, in the Department of Computational Physics.

Dr. Kafatos is a world-class physicist who has earned a degree and Ph.D. from Cornell and MIT. He has won several awards for excellence in science and has been named the best-selling author of The New York Times since 2017. He is an influential scholar who has published 333 papers in the fields of quantum mechanics and astrophysics, presenting a new echo in the field of science.

GBC Korea theorized the impact of future quantum computers on digital money, but in terms of technology. Dr. Kafatos said, it is still in process. Furthermore, it will continue to advise on technical aspects in the future to further enhance the confidence of participants.

Original: https://n.news.naver.com/article/018/0004568025


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