[PAXNET News] Choi Soo-hyun, FSC director, joining adviser of block-chain M & A platform

Choi Soo-hyun, the former head of the Financial Supervisory Service, will participate as an adviser to the blockbuster M & A platform company ‘GBC Korea Korea’.

On July 31, GBC Korea announced Choi Su-hyun, the former chief financial officer, as an advisor, and released a new engineer team and management team. GBC Korea, which is composed of experts from financial investment industry, hoped to enhance transaction transparency and investor confidence in the block-chain M & A market by strengthening financial supervision service with participation of former Chief Financial Officer Choi Soo-hyun.

Choi, the former chairman of the Financial Supervisory Commission, went to public offices in 25 cities and went to the Treasury Department and worked at the Blue house economic policy chief at the time of President Roh Moo-hyun. Since then, he has served as a planning commissioner for the Financial Services Commission and a senior expert member for the Grand National Party. Since then, he has served as the Director of Financial Information Analysts (FIU) and as Deputy Chief Financial Officer of the FSS.

GBC Korea is a block-chain-based M & A platform that reduces commission fees and time for brokerage firms such as brokerage firms and law firms, and provides regular investors with little expertise to participate in small-scale M & A activities. On the 15th, we demonstrated a demonstration version of ‘MAP’ for M & A platform.

In March, he became the subject of a torture by Google’s chief researcher of the world-class futurist Thomas Frey Da Vinci.


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