Min Byung-doo, chairman of the National Assembly’s political affairs committee, said, “The M&A platform means a lot…Offer opportunities for multiple companies.”

As GBCKOREA has released its global M&A platform called ‘MAP’, anyone can participate in M&A transactions with just one click without restriction.

At the GBCKOREA conference held at the JW Mariot Hotel on Sunday, Min Byung-do, chairman of the National Assembly’s political affairs committee, said, “Until now, it was difficult to realize new dreams due to heavy regulations, but the crowdfunding law has recently been changed. Since then, people, including young people, are willing to invest, can grow seeds through crowdfunding.”

“The process of making investments and growing size includes IPO and M&A,” he said. “However, so far, M&A has only benefited a few experts and large companies, but has not provided opportunities for many companies.”

“When many companies need to grow and leap forward, the M&A platform is very meaningful,” Min Byung-du, chairman of the committee, said. “The technology that utilizes the fourth industrial revolution and blockchain is already very advanced in China.”

“This is a meeting where we discuss who will popularize and open digital IT,” he said. “I hope you will share meaningful ideas to lead the global standardization.”

Jay Lee, CEO of GBCKOREA, said, “Anywhere in the world has a way to participate in M&A at any time. We need to pay attention to our blockchain technologies such as financial security and fintech, which are providing new opportunities.”

Introduced by GBCKOREA, the M&A platform “MAP” is a service that allows anyone anywhere in the world, including South Korea, to participate in corporate M&A transactions to make profits. Based on UCX (Encrypting Token (UCX) that is applied with blockchain technology, it is designed to identify businesses that are sold anywhere and easily participate in projects.

Original: http://www.etoday.co.kr/news/view/1831043


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