[Joongang Daily] Individuals are also able to invest in the M&A market…Cryptocurrency

GBCKOREA made an announcement on the 6th that it has released MAP platform based on blockchain. MAP is designed so that individuals can easily participate in M&A by checking which businesses are sold anywhere in the world based on UCX (cryptocurrency) that is applied with blockchain technology. UCX is an encryption token developed for the global M&A platform. It can be used to invest in M&A projects. “MAP is the first time that blockchain technology has been applied to M&A areas,” Givishikoria said.

If MAP is used, individuals can participate in global M&A with a small amount. The minimum amount of investment will start at 3 million won. The existing M&A market was not accessible to the public due to limited information and closed transactions.

For now, Ghibitschoria aims to take over Japanese listed companies by utilizing maps. To that end, due diligence in Japan is also planned for this month. For overseas investors, the company also plans to open English, Chinese and Japanese versions within this year.

“Old M&A needed long time, high cost, large investment amount, and expertise from many brokers to make it impossible for ordinary people to access Maps,” said Jang Kyung-ho, executive vice president of the company. “MAP will allow anyone around the world to participate not only in UCX, which is a self-encrypting currency, but also other cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Etherium, so that everyone in the world can jump into mergers and acquisitions.”

Original: https://news.joins.com/article/23625717


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