[I News24] GBC KOREA, Launching ‘Global M&A Platform’ based blockchain next year

GBC (Global Blockchain Cryptocurrency) Korea announced on the 7th that it will introduce ‘Global M&A Platform’ that investors from all over the world can invest directly in M&A deals next year.

It is going to introduce blockchain technology so that individual investors can easily access M&A deals, which are the exclusive property of large-scale funded institutions By applying blockchain technology to the M&A trading method which information is closed, the company expects that users (buyers, investors, etc.) around the world will be able to recognize M&A information transparently and trade it quickly without going through investment banks.

The M&A deal is one of the most data-intensive areas in which broker intervention (investment banks, accountants, lawyers, etc.) is needed.

“Block Chain can quickly share vast amount of information through distributed ledger technology and transfer asset values to anyone in the world through smart contracts (electronic contracts) and cryptocurrency.” said a representative for GBC. 

It explains that M&A companies worldwide can make transactions within platforms through exclusive cryptocurrency (UCX) and smart contracts and that buyers, sellers, and investors all can quickly close M&A transactions without financial intermediaries.

“Although M&A is a deal that can generate high profits, M&A has been excluded from general investors’ priorities such as expertise and size of investment,” said Terrance Pak, CEO of GBC, who worked for global investment companies such as Morgan Stanley. It is accessible to anyone with low investment and low cost through M&A platform. “

Kim da wun reporter kdw@inews24.com


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