[Financial News] Tomas Frey, a futurist, is an advisor for M&A platform companiy in Korea’s blockchain.

Thomas Frey, the world-renowned futurist selected by Google and director of the Da Vinci Research Institute, has become a topic of discussion as an advisor for M&A eterprise. 9th, GBC KOREA announced “GBC KOREA appoints Thomas Frey as an advisor.

At the end of last year, GBC Korea applied for patents related to ‘M&A platform using blockchain technology’ at home and abroad, and developed a platform on which individuals can also invest to M&A deals. 

Since last month, GBC Korea plans to expand its M&A platform service using blockchains to M&A enterprises all over the world. Companies that want M&A to register on the platform will be able to use cryptocurrency to buy share of company.

GBC Korea announced that Director Frey, one of the world-class masters, was appointed as an advisor, which laid a foundation for the promotion of M&A platform at home and abroad, and was of great significance. Business links with Thomas Frey will be strengthened in the future. 

Director Frey, known as the world-class leader in futurology, is the director of the Da Vinci Institute, the representative future research institute of the United States. He is also a part-time professor at Colorado State University, Denver University and Regis University.

Thomas Frey, known as the father of futurology in the United States, is famous in Korea for his book ‘Programming Internet Email’. He has worked as an engineer designer for IBM for the past 15 years and is famous for talented designer who won more than 270 awards during his work.

Before that, Thomas Frey visited GBC Korea in January and predicted that virtual currency would replace about 25% of national currency in 2030. In the future, the retail industry will experience great chaos.

He emphasized “It is attractive that there are no intermediaries in transactions through crpytocurreny and that investors do not have to pay huge fees, it might cause great chaos in the financial world.” “Under this change, the M&A platform that GBC Korea yearns for can reduce the high handling fees and save time that intermediaries such as law firm, securities companies need to pay, and using small investment without professional knowledge can also participate in M&A deals”.

“In particular, individuals can make transparent transactions through blockchain, and pursue profits through M&A deals. It’s a key platform in the 4th industrial revolution.”

He added “I will effort for GBC Korea to become the leader not only in Korea’s virtual currency market, but also in the world’s virtual currency market. I will spare no effort to provide advice.”

Reporter Kyung-ah Kim / kakim@fnnews.com


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