[Financial News] Starting next month’s ‘Blockchain M&A Platform’ by futurist Thomas Frey.

Thomas Frey, a global futurist who visited South Korea, will participate in the blockchain-based M&A platform developed by the South Korean company. The reason for his participation in the project is that ordinary people, who had never dreamed of participating in corporate M&As in the past, will get a chance to participate and that related jobs can be expanded further through the M&A platform.

Thomas Frey said at the conference of “The Future Prospect of Blockchain and Digital Money” held at JW Marriot Hotel in Seoul on Thursday that he has joined the M&A platform “MAP” as an advisor, predicting that M&A attempts will more than double that of now through MAP. Thomas Frey was one of Google’s futurists in 2006. He is also well-known for his remarks that two billion jobs will be lost by 2030.

“There are only two billion jobs being cited in the media, not to be pessimistic, but to be alarmed,” Thomas Frey said. “In fact, we need to understand that technology does not eliminate jobs, but it changes the task of people who work as they do.”

He also stressed that the government should pay attention to new jobs and tasks created by technology. It explained that new jobs are created through ‘catalyst technologies’ such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), unmanned technology, blockchain, and IoT. For example, unmanned technology has led to the emergence of medical services, distribution stores, and game consoles seeking consumers with unmanned mobile vehicles, and new jobs and tasks to do so.

He explained that blockchain technology is also a catalytic technology. “GBCKOREA’s blockchain-based M&A platform MAP will more than double the number and size of South Korea’s M&As as it enables anyone around the world to easily participate in M&A,” Thomas Frey said, noting that there will also be more companies growing through such M&As, which will soon lead to job expansion.

Min Byung-doo, chairman of the National Assembly’s political affairs committee who delivered a congratulatory speech to the conference, also stressed that the M&A platform could be a new opportunity for businesses as well. “So far, M&A has only been open to large companies, and small start-ups have only been seen,” he said. “When facing Death Valley, where many start-ups are disappearing, it would be great for anyone who can easily do M&As to start-ups.”

Meanwhile, Lee Kyung-hun, CEO of the GBCKOREA, which hosted the conference, actually demonstrated the M&A platform “MAP.”

‘MAP’ is a platform that allows ordinary individuals to participate in M&A markets where only businesses and institutions could participate through ‘UCX’.

“Although it was difficult for ordinary people to enter the M&A market due to complicated processes and legal procedures, it was easy for anyone to participate in M&A in MAP.” said CEO Lee Kyung-hun. GBCKOREA is planning to prove the value of MAP platforms by creating an M&A case through MAP sometime next month.

Original: http://www.fnnews.com/news/201912091142049588


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