[Financial News] GBC Korea Launches Global M & A Platform ‘GMAP’ Mobile Application

GBC Korea said it will launch a mobile application for the global M&A platform “GMAP” on 8.

According to GBC Korea on the 7th, GMAP (GMAP) is an M&A platform service designed to allow anyone anywhere in the world to participate in M&A transactions with one click at any time.

The “GMAP mobile application” provides services that allow existing “MAP” members to participate in projects more easily and conveniently through mobile devices, and to identify a M&A target company in real-time based on cryptocurrency tokens (UCX).

In addition, the launch of the mobile application allows the UCX to be purchased from “MAP” with the Korean fiat currency and Ethereum. MAP added a service so that it can be purchased with Bitcoin.

Meanwhile, GBC Korea will hold a 100 percent winning event in April to mark the launch of the application.

Existing “MAP” members can receive a one-time payment fee free service if they download a mobile application. If you leave additional reviews after downloading the application, you can receive a UCX free coffee voucher as a gift through a raffle.

Through the Promoter Event, the member who enters Referral in the Recommendation section and receives the most referrals can receive special benefits.

Based on the recommended rankings, the company will present the latest specifications of laptops, top-notch wireless earphones and department store gift certificates as prizes.

A GBC Korea official said, “We are preparing for the event in the hope of benefiting both existing ‘MAP’ members and new members,” adding that so far, M&As have been favorable to a small number of experts and big companies, but no opportunities have been offered to many companies and general investors.

“But through GMAP, ordinary investors can also have a chance to participate in M&A,” he said. “I hope the launch of this mobile application will make it easier for them to participate in the project.”

Original: https://www.fnnews.com/news/202004071038297184


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