[ETNEWS] GBC KOREA Blockchain-based Global M&A Platform ‘MAP’ Open

GBC KOREA made an announcement on the 13th that it will open a blockchain-based M&A platform that allows anyone to participate in a corporate takeover.

Map is a service that allows individuals with no expertise in M&A transactions, including Korea, to easily participate in small amounts to make profits. Maps are based on cryptographic tokens (UCX). It is designed to identify selling companies anywhere in the world and easily participate in projects. Ordinary people will also be able to purchase UCXs from cryptocurrency exchanges, access corporate information registered on platforms, and participate in mergers and acquisitions.

All M&A transaction procedures, including M&A project proposals, participation in transactions, inquiry into corporate information, management of holding assets, project conversion, and floating of holding assets, were required to be carried out within the platform.

It is also possible to manage assets while checking the status of deposits and withdrawals in ‘MY asset status’. It also has regular report function for participating projects. Corporate management status will be shared transparently with participants.

It is designed to have its own exchange within the platform so that asset liquidity and project conversion are free.

Participants can sell their projects on the bourse at any time after a certain period of time after participating in a specific M&A. You can also move on to another project.

It will first open English, Chinese and Japanese versions this year. It is planning to purchase UCXs from cryptocurrency exchanges in the future so that global investors such as Japan and Europe can participate in M&A transactions through platforms.

GBC KOREA is currently applying for patents at home and abroad under its M&A platform that uses blockchain technology.

“Existing M&A was an area where people cannot access M&A due to the need for large amount of investment and expertise,” said JAY, CEO of GBC KOREA. “Map service has opened the way for ordinary investors to participate in M&A markets as well.”


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