M&A Platform

M&A deals require significant involvement of the intermediaries such as the financing companies, accountants are one of the areas to call for the largest amount of information.

M&A 플랫폼이 무엇인가요?


What is M&A Platform?

It is the platform created with the aim to enable the general investors to have the opportunity to generate the profits by participating in the M&A deals. Since the companies targeted for M&A deals around the whole world are represented as the digital assets, they can be traded within the platform by way of the smart contracts.

The global investment experts with plenty of experience introduced the blockchain technology into the complex M&A deals. Everybody can participate in the M&A deals at small expenses and can execute the transparent and safe global M&A transactions.


What is the relationship between the blockchains and M&A?

If the blockchain technology is applied to M&A deals, the complicated transaction information can be safely stored in the distributed ledgers. All of the participants in the deal can verify the stored information to avoid forgery or illegal modifications.

Based on this information, the purchasers, sellers, and investors can all conclude the M&A deals rapidly at a low cost with the transparent information, without the need for any financial intermediaries.

블록체인과 M&A는 어떤 관계가 있나요?


Can everybody use the M&A Platform?

Within the platform, members who prossess UCX are granted with specific permissions, and are allowed to access the M&A information. The investors who participated in the M&A projects through UCX can refer to transparently within the platform. The status of M&A deals, whether projects are proposed, in progress or completed.


Will it be possible to learn the M&A Platform in detail?

This is because the information regarding all M&A deals are stored in the data repository and utilized. M&A deals are summarized and organized systematically. It saves time and cost. The data records and deal information can be accessed rapidly.

Based on the stored data (blocks), the users (purchasers and sellers) can check the criteria of evaluation on a real-time basis. The investors can check the evaluation process by selecting the deals in progress.


How can one participate in the M&A project in reality within the platform?

If the funding window is first opened within the platform for certain specific M&A deals, users are able to participate and select M&A deals after purchasing UCX internally during specified periods. The process is transparent and can be verified.

If the investor prepares the SPC smart contract related to the project, the investor then receives the new cryptocurrency (UCC) corresponding to the M&A company.

With the UCC possessed, the investor can have the opportunity of profits from any other projects by exchanging with the UCC of the other project within the internal exchange anytime after a specified period. Moreover, the exit from the project is also easy and free since UCC can be exchanged with UCX too.


Is there any risk of rapid price fluctuations for UCX within the M&A Platform?

The M&A Platform was designed to enhance the value of assets possessed by the investors and the owners of UCX by distributing the outcome from M&A deals.

The investment assets from the M&A deals are reckoned as security for the value of UCX. The risk of rapid price fluctuations is lower compared with the other cryptocurrencies not supported by assets. If the value of assets is increased due to the influence of the successful deals and the scale of deals thereof, increases in the operation assets (AUM) and the transaction fee at the exchange where the deal was executed, the price of UCX will be appreciated.


Smart Contracts in the M&A Platform

Within the M&A markets with a multitude of investors, there can arise the problem that certain intermediaries cannot be trusted. However, if the contract is programmed in the form of a smart contract, all of the related members can check the process transparently. The participants check whether there was any forgery or illegal modifications; therefore, the contract can be trusted.

With the smart contract, the fund is gathered from a multitude of investors for a specified period. If the amount gathered is less than the target amount required for the M&A deal, the investment amount is returned. If the target amount was attained, the investment amount is transferred to the SPC corporation so that the M&A deal can be progressed. A series of related processes are converted and implemented by a program.



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