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    Technology Development Research for BlockChains

  • HyperSwap

    UCX Foundation/Issuance/Sales CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility)

M&A Platform

M&A deals require significant involvement of the intermediaries such as the financing companies, accountants, and others.
These are areas with the largest amount of information.

The global investment experts with plenty of experience introduced the blockchain technology into the complex M&A deals.
Anybody can participate in the M&A deals at small expenses and can execute the transparent and safe global M&A transactions.

고속처리 솔루션 사용


Our processing solution can process financial data and transactions at 1 million transactions per second through the use of ‘Sharding’ and ‘Hybrid chain’. When you compare to average technology that can only process 7 transactions per second, our technology is a great leap forward.

What is Sharding? Sharding is a method of partitioning into several smaller parallel networks(shards) in a blockchain network.

고속처리 솔루션 사용


UCX overcame scalability issues by combining sharding in a distributed Blockchain network. The sharding concept allows the system to process multiple.

고속처리 솔루션 사용


We have chosen to use RPOS (Random Proof of Stake) system consensus mechanism rather than POW (Proof of work) system to improve stability and efficiency. We have achieved the highest level of security by adding a self-audit engine, multi-signatories, and a rigorous internal policy enforcement to our A.I. system.

UCX Token

UCX Token

UCX is the cryptocurrency issued after developing the global M&A platform predicated on the blockchains. By utilizing UCX, the investment can be made in the promising M&A projects around the world by the ‘M&A Platform’.

The value of UCX tokens was appraised by Grant Thornton Accounting Corporation and Yonsei University around the world for the first time.

  • Valuation Summary


December 2018

  • Acquisition of UCX valuation
  • M&A platform development in progress
  • M&A platform patent application

January 2019

Presale:50,000,000 token
Sale:100,000,000 token

Oct 2019

Platforms complete and begin to operate
  • Crypto Currency Exchange Operation
  • M&A Platform

July 2020

1000M USD/yr

July 2025

4000M USD/yr




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