The Convergence of Blockchain and AI

The increased availability of data and recent advancements in artificial intelligence present unprecedented opportunities in healthcare and major challenges for the patients, developers, providers, and regulators. The novel deep learning and transfer learning techniques are turning any data about the person into medical data, transforming simple facial pictures and videos into powerful sources of data for predictive analytics. Artificial intelligence and blockchain, may enhance and scale up the progress in health care sciences and lead to effective and cost-efficient healthcare ecosystems.

Convergence of Blockchain and AI in Healthcare

Market Ecosystem

Blockchain environment, data storage, users, and public instances. Blockchains are used to process new transaction blocks, store and transmit keys, and self-audit. Encrypted data is stored in the data store. Users use marketplaces to transmit and sell data, verify data and purchase personal medical data. The system is not fully open and public instances are used for cryptographic proofs to ensure the accuracy of the marketplace by users.

Blockchain-based systems can dramatically simplify the data collection process. If data is purchased through the system using transparent pricing formulas determined by the data value model, users are allowed to upload their data directly to the system and use their data. It will also ensure fair monitoring of all data-use activities.

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